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Get in touch today and IBET DIRECTORY can assist in the preparation of all necessary paperwork and administrative tasks required to obtain a Curaçao gambling license.


About Curaçao Licensing

Recognized as a historical frontrunner in accommodating the international financial world, Curaçao has a long-standing track record of providing the total infrastructure and services necessary for supporting the global eGaming services of the future.


Curaçao, is one of the oldest and most politically stable providers of regulated eGaming services. We have proudly served some of the most highly regarded eGaming operators and providers of services since 1996.

eGaming IP Application Procedure

The Curaçao eGaming License and IP Compliance Services Guide, forms and applications are provided upon request.

The eGaming IP License Compliance Services Guide contains all necessary guidance to define eGaming Services and the necessary operating compliance requirements to establish an online eGambling services under the Curaçao eGaming License.

The entire setup process on average takes between 2~4 weeks depending on candidates turnaround time to provide the necessary documents and information to complete the IP application approval process and meet the compliance services requirements.

All required forms and supporting documents once completed may be sent in electronic format to begin the process. Original documents must be sent via courier or in person.


IP Applicants are encouraged to contact the compliance officers directly for any information about the jurisdiction or to request assistance with completing the forms and supplying the necessary supporting documents.

Packges and Services Provided

Included Services:

  • Consulting

  • Online Gambling License

  • Compliance Supervision


Additional Services:

  • Formation of Curaçao and EU companies

  • Banking Assistance

  • Payment Processing

  • Leased Dedicated Servers

  • Worldwide Data Center Colocation

  • Private and Public Clouds

  • Advanced DNS Hosting Services

  • Administrative and Legal Services

  • Backoffice Support