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The DAOBet iGaming Solutions Mainnet is Now Live

iGaming company DAOGroup has announced that the long-awaited DAOBet mainnet has been launched by validators.

DAOBet (ex DAO.Casino) is a blockchain for the iGaming 3.0 industry, with the mainnet launched by validators on November 27th, 2019. The mainnet was launched by 21 leading block producers with eight more validators on standby. The development will further realise the full scope of DAOGroup’s decentralized iGaming products.

DAOBet Mainnet: Launched by Validators

Built by DAOBet and launched by validators, optimizing the EOS blockchain codebase, the DAOBet mainnet is set to bring about revolutionary changes to the gaming industry. It showcases an optimized blockchain with fast finality and the capacity to process 3,000 transactions per second. The mainnet features advanced governance with 1-second finality and top-rated provably fair random number generation algorithm (Signidice PRNG verification) – certified by GLI. The design of the DAOBet mainnet will enable game developers to utilise the flexible and robust creation opportunities and environments provided by the blockchain.

In view of the mainnet launch, DAOBet previously announced the preparatory phase for the migration of its native utility token BET from the Ethereum blockchain to the mainnet, which will further maximize the token’s utility within its native environment. A token swap process through DAOWallet was initiated for holders of the BET token, which has now concluded due to the launch of the mainnet.

The BET Token

The native token BET will provide utility for the DAOGroup ecosystem. To obtain BET tokens, users can head over to the simple-to-use DAOWallet and directly transact from inside the wallet in just a few steps. Alternatively, users can buy BET tokens from the HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange. The BET token will also allow its validators to stake on the DAOBet blockchain and be rewarded for doing so.

DAOGroup: Uniting the Masses

DAOGroup unites the following projects, bringing cutting-edge decentralized protocol solutions based on the DAOBet native blockchain, that has been developed since 2016 and was recently launched by validators. The DAOGroup ecosystem consists of DAOPlatform, DAOWallet, and DAOGames. Each of them is catered to carrying out specific tasks, broken down below:

DAOPlatform – A blockchain-based turnkey solution for a crypto casino that uses smart contracts for all financial transactions, providing transparency and safety for players, developers, operators and validators. DAOPlatform ensures that neither operator, player nor affiliate has an unreasonable advantage over the other.

DAOWallet – A safe and secure crypto wallet that helps to manage assets and provides the possibility for players to authorize on DAOPlatform, play games and receive real-time payouts. DAOWallet is the key to the DAOGroup ecosystem and acts as a payment gateway for game developers, operators, validators and affiliates.

DAOGames – A B2B online casino games service reaching the opportunity to complete blockchain iGaming infrastructure introducing a wide online games portfolio with the help of existing popular gambling content providers. This is a full-scale game publisher provided by industry professionals in evaluation, marketing, product development, and localization.

Thanks to high throughput, fast finality, and sponsorship transactions, DAOBet blockchain provides for applications like DAOPlatform, DAOWallet, and DAOGames the user experience level required for the iGaming industry.

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